On the building site and can’t shift the pain – what is shock wave therapy?

What is shock wave therapy and why as a builder is this useful for me?

what is shockwave therapyShock wave what…….? “I work on the roofs – I don’t care about this posh physio crap”. This may be true, but I bet you do care about that rotator cuff injury that you cannot shift! Yes, the same one which makes work painful and the gym even harder!

The rotator cuff is basically the shoulder – so if you are struggling to lift (at work or in the gym) then you need to understand how this can impact you. This is a group of muscles and tendons that surround the shoulder joint. It keeps the head of your upper arm bone within the socket of the shoulder. You could have a rotator cuff injury if you are feeling a dull ache in the shoulder- even when you are not working on the site.

I still dont know what shock wave therapy is? 

Here are three quick reasons you should contact Body First for a shock wave treatment.

1) Rapid Recovery. Shockwave therapy is a rapid recovery treatment method. You will see a massive improvement in the first session. You will only need a minimum of two treatments, although for best results, and the most painful rotor cuff injuries, anything up to six may be required. The sessions are quick and highly effective.

2) Get back in the gym. Body First has a lot of construction workers use our west London physio and nearly every single one always asks how quickly they can get back into the gym! The answer is simple – a few days rest to make sure the healing kicks in and you will be back on the bench press before you know it.

3) This should also be useful for you because we understand you do not like to admit that you are in pain! Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone! Booking a session is very easy at Body First. You will find us in Hampton Hill. Make a call to our reception and come in for your consultation. Contact us now (click here) and you will be back on the tools, pain-free (although we cannot promise the foreman won’t stop bending your ear!) and will never have to ask what is shock wave therapy treatment ever again!

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