What you need to know about compression therapy in London

Compression Therapy London

First things first – what is Compression Therapy? It is a treatment method that aids recovery and rehabilitation by increasing blood flow activity in the treated area of the body. It predominately targets lower limbs and is effective by strengthening veins.

compression therapy london

Compression treatment is achieved through the application of a specifically designed boot or stocking. By applying gentle pressure to the injured area, it slowly stretches out the vein walls. This will reduce the swelling by improving circulation.


  • Quicker recovery
  • Better performance
  • Improved circulation
  • Quicker metabolic waste elimination
  • Fewer cramps
  • Fewer aches and pain
  • Improved energy

People who are training for intense endurance events can use this method to help accelerate the removal of metabolic waste. It doesn’t have to be competitive – aiming to complete the London marathon is an excellent example. This will speed recovery by filtering out the lactic acid in the system. Freeing you up to shorten recovery times between training.

BODY FIRST UK, a West London physio, is one of only a handful of locations where compression therapy in London is possible.


Cathy was doing the 50K Thames path challenge for a local charity, Ruils. After a few challenging training sessions, her legs were heavy and tired. Straight away we knew a session of compression therapy would be ideal for her. She came to the clinic and we strapped on the compression boot. In her own words, she described the sensation of the treatment as “ Like a wave of pressure but it’s not unpleasant. It’s warm and the whole thing tightens around you and then feels quite nice when it releases. I was left on my own and I even watched some Netflix while it was going on”.

compression therapy London

When I asked her if she felt the benefit of the treatment session she was glowing with praise: “I felt like I had had a massage! The following day my legs definitely didn’t feel as tired or heavy as they had in some of my practice walks and I had very little pain in my legs or hip“.

From my experience, I find that a lot of people still gravitate to asking for a sports massage when recovering from a tough training session. For a long time, this has been the ‘go to’ treatment.

Finally, many private injury rehabilitators are now offering a wider range of options. We take great pride at BODY FIRST UK in showing our clients many alternatives to the traditional possibilities.

Contact BODY FIRST UK and book your session of compression therapy today!

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