Foot in pain? Two injuries that may benefit from shockwave treatment for feet

ShockWave Treatment for Feet

Tapping away at a keyboard struggling to get the daily 10,000 step count in? Just one of many pitfalls of professionals whose trade, service or employment are achieved through a screen.  Surely the health of the feet will be at the bottom of any lists – even for those that are aware that it belongs on a list!

Just because you are sat in the chair all day long doesn’t means you neglect those little guys!

shockwave treatment for feet

Types of injuries

Plantar fasciitis is a painful condition found in the heel of the foot. When the band of tissue on the sole of your foot (fascia) becomes aggravated after repetitive use or due to poor foot posture. A wide range of reasons can cause plantar fasciitis, from a sudden stretching or overuse of the sole of the foot (stepping off a pavement) to being overweight. Flat foot or past ankle injury usually with very tight tense muscles can irritate the tendon in the sole of the foot also causing planter fasciitis

Achilles tendonitis is normally found in the more active type of people. A big change in intensity or volume of training is the biggest cause. People with tight calf muscles and bony spurs on their heel appear prone to the injury too.

Why Shockwave Treatment for feet might work for you

Shock wave treatment is often a preferred choice if the pain is relatively new or the injury is stubbornly persistent but not causing extricating pain (which would suggest an injury with a greater level of severity and a more intrusive and urgent treatment method might be needed).

The treatment works by sending high-energy shock wave impulses to the injured area (in this case the fascia or the achilles). It has been shown to stimulate the healing process in damaged area. Only a few sessions of shock wave are needed for a large improvements. The sessions are short and don’t take up too much time in your day.

But I am not training for the Olympics!

Pride comes before a fall! You may be able to tolerate the pain if it is no more than an irritation. But a small difference in the feet can have compounding issues the further up the body you go.

It has been shown to contribute to back, shoulder and neck pain.

The feet take so much impact on the daily basis that in a blink of an eye we can cause ourselves an injury. Stepping off the pavement, tripping over one of our children’s toys in the living room or even the repetitiveness of any running you might be fitting it to your evenings.

All in all there are a million ways you can hurt your feet! And if you don’t get it fixed any acute (that is a one off injury) can easily turn into a chronic problem (long term) not only in the injured part of the body, but anywhere else in muscular system!

You may not be aiming for Team GB, but you could avoid further painful injuries down the road but sorting out the foot injury now.

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