New Year fitness goals that are aided by a sport massage in London’s best physio clinic

Sport Massage London

New Year, new me! The most clichéd New Year’s resolution in any calendar year and 2019 will be no different. The intent behind the message should never be questioned, as everyone really does wish to make a difference and the start to the next 12 months always feels like an opportune moment. For anyone who is reading this blog now, and has just started their New Year fitness goals, make sure you fully consider the benefits of a sports massage.

12 Week Body Transformation in Liverpool Street

Evolve Fitness, can supply you with a Personal Trainer in London, started their renowned Warrior Workout on the 14th January. They take a group of people and apply a tried and tested body transformation campaign, designed to get people in the kind of body shape they’ve always wished for.

Let’s pull no punches and claim that the Warrior Workout is anything but intense. Evolve pride themselves on setting targets that some people find too difficult to achieve. They are not in the game of mediocre results and although they offer a support network of fellow warriors and personal trainers, not everyone makes it to the end of the 12-week programme.

Sport Massage London

I recently asked Tim Walker why and he cited recovery as an issue. “We push people who are committed to making the change they’ve always dreamed of. The body transformation program and nutritional support plan will work if followed. We notice some people’s challenge is being able to recover ready for the next session. Especially at the begging of the body transformation program where DOMS is an issue.”

DOMS stands for Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness. Basically, when you have not stressed a muscle group to a high level of intensity for a long time, they ache, and they ache badly! One of my clients once claimed they, “Couldn’t walk down the stairs after ‘leg day’ and had to bunny hop to the bottom!”

12 Week Body Transformation in West London

Alan Ezen runs Zen Training and maybe a little closer to home in West London. When you sign up you will get access to ZEN TRAINING V.I.P. where you will have access to an exclusive membership only Facebook page and chat to other ZEN members. Regular content uploaded to the group and really helps create a community.


A key part of any fitness campaign has always been a good massage. If you were one of the brave Warriors, you will no doubt be typing into Google, ’Sport Massage London’ as we speak!

The main purpose of a sports massage is to support the reduction of tension in and around soft tissue. The same soft tissue you are working whilst pursuing your fitness goals!

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