Dealing With Injuries During Your Marathon Training Plan

How to deal with injuries during your marathon training plan?

This will be the most obvious statement you will read all day – running an marathon is not an easy task.

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If you are training and have a painful sore condition in the back of your leg/ankle – that will be Achilles tendinitis.

Stresses, strains, and Injuries will occur during marathon training, so we are going to do three feature blogs for local runners of West London, all of which are all designed to help prepare for, or recovery from a marathon.

These will include Shock Wave Therapy for Achilles, Compression Therapy for recovery and how Cyro Air Therapy can treat inflammation during your training.

With less than two months to go to the London Marathon, your final preparations will be taking shape. Let’s be under no illusion, the stress placed on the body as you embark on running 26 miles, and those last 385 yards, will be grueling! We cannot sugar coat it!

For this very reason, you will deserve all the admiration and respect you receive from running in The Marathon.

In fact, some people wouldn’t even recommend running a marathon until you have two years of running experience under your belt!

This news may feel like closing the stable door after the horse has bolted, but just because you shouldn’t do something, doesn’t mean that you won’t!

Even more reason to bask in the joy of all the praise you will get once you cross the finishing line, after you defied all expectations.

No one is perfect

We all have imperfect running styles. Running a few miles every week to stay fit will not expose these, but training for a marathon will. The marathon alone is about 40,000 steps. A comprehensive marathon training plan is likely to exceed a minimum of 300,000!

As a result, the slightest imperfection in a running gait will be compounded. This will most likely lead to Achilles tendonitis, the most common condition of extreme pain along the back of the leg, ankle, and heel. It is well known to runners of all levels and is caused by excessive stress on this area of the body.

Sound familiar? Is this because it is exactly what you have been doing, and will continue doing for the next few weeks? The condition builds up over time, which means it will not be possible to shift it with just rest. Certainly, not with the time that you have left!

Rapid recovery

What would be ideal instead, is a proven treatment method that is defined as rapid recovery!

Fear not – I have the solution! Let me introduce you to Shock Wave Therapy!

Shock Wave Therapy has emerged as a treatment option for this type of chronic tendon injuries.

The treatment consists of administering sound waves, generated from a Shock Wave Machine. into the body to cells in the injured area. These shock waves move harmlessly through the skin and onto the site of the condition, where they stimulate cellular healing, enhance blood flow and help remove inflammatory cells involved in pain production. It induces microtrauma to the tendon which initiates a response from the body. The body adapts and focuses all its healing attention in the area – exactly what you need when your Achilles needs that extra TLC from the body.

The treatment is non-intrusive and lasts only a matter of minutes. You will need to spend a few days of training, but if you are suffering from Achilles Tendonitis, you will have no choice. Three sessions of Shock Wave normally achieves a 90% improvement in clients! Three sessions can be spread over three weeks! Nothing else compares with this treatment and its ability to reduce pain and get you back running in such a short space of time!

London Marathon Rapid Recovery BODY FIRST UK Package

BODY FIRST UK has created the ideal London Marathon 2019 rapid recovery and post-race package to supplement your London Marathon Training Plan. If you are suffering from pain and/or want to optimise your race time, the last 8 weeks will need to be managed.

marathon training planTo ensure you are in peak condition come race day, we have made Shock Wave Therapy a core part of the Pre-London Marathon Bundle. Three sessions of shock wave are included to help you manage your preparation for the race. We also understand that your post-race condition will be impacted, so we are throwing in a sports massage and a compression therapy session. Both will be essential for recovery from the race.

Click here to see our London Marathon Training Plan. 

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