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Sports injury treatment, what the Liverpool squad uses for rapid pain relief and how you can too

Sports Injury Treatment

Admit it – you have run onto a 5-a-side pitch, on a Tuesday evening, under the floodlights and imaged the Champions League music playing and as you pictured yourself about to take on Messi and co at the Nou Camp! We are not here to judge and if you haven’t why not! What is equally true is that after taht Tuesday night 5-a-side, most of us has needed a form of sports injury treatment.

sports injury treatment

The Championnnnnssss…..da da da daaaaaa

The difference between professional footballer at clubs like Liverpool and us more mortal souls has never been larger. Many things (the cars, jets, and mansions) will never be available to us, but you will be surprised to know that there is common ground we can share.

No matter what level of football you play injuries will always occur. We are not talking about life-changing injuries, but also the more minor yet equally frustrating ones. We all will know someone who has suffered an ACL issue (Anterior cruciate ligament), a ruptured Achilles (its connects your calf muscle to your heel bone) or a hamstring strain.

In a recent industry publication, I came across an article talked about how the Liverpool physio team utilises Shock Wave therapy as a sports injury treatment to help rehabilitate their injured players. This is one example where we all have access to the same treatment techniques.

Shock Wave Therapy

Shock Wave Therapy is a non-invasive method of sports injury treatment, focussing on relieving pain caused by injury or illness especially, chronic conditions affecting elbows, feet, and shoulders.

A small shock wave gun (don’t be afraid) is used to send sound waves to the injured part of the body. The sound waves will stimulate healing and reboot your body’s own healing process where it has paused or even stopped. It helps to take down inflammation and is great for fast pain relief.

Fulham v Liverpool

As Liverpool travel to West London this week for a top v bottom encounter in the top division, the premier league locker room won’t be the only location where you can find Shock Wave Therapy.

Sports Injury Treatment

At the Body First UK Clinic in Hampton Hill we also use the exact same sports injury treatment method. Shock Wave Therapy helps anyone with muscle strains and it is now available to the wider public. In the first year of trading BODY FIRST UK has helped over 1,000 clients. In that whole time, not a single person has given us negative feedback about the treatment.

If you have a match this weekend down at Marble Hill and you have you have been carrying a muscle strain, maybe training for a half marathon and the back of your calf muscles are holding you back or a rugby player who has taken one too many hits whilst trying to punch the gap like you were on the hallowed turf of Twickenham against the All Black’s this weekend, Shock Wave Therapy could be appropriate for you.

BODY FIRST UK is offering free consultations through the month of November 2018.  Call us now on 0203 818 1238 or email and if you quote FOOTBALL we’ll give you a totally FREE consultation. Book your first appointment.

We will even play the Champions League music in the background if you like…..

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