Hip Bursitis

What is it?

Hip Bursitis is a condition that occurs when the bursae, small fluid filled sacs that sit between the bones in your joints and the soft tissue that surrounds them, become inflamed and swell. Bursae help your joints to move freely as they act as cushions to reduce friction between bone and soft tissue. There are two main bursae in the hip, each may give you slightly different symptoms. The most common trochanteric bursitis affects the outer aspect of your hip. Less common is iliopsoas bursitis which affects the front of your hip and groin area.


  • Pain in the hip; this may start with sharp, intense pain but then become dull and ache. Pain is localised to the area where the bursae is located e.g. outer hip or front of hip/groin area
  • Pain on exercise or when you perform repetitive actions such as walking or climbing stairs
  • Pain when you move you leg out to your side or bring it back in such as when getting out of the car or stepping sideways
  • Tenderness on palpation of the area
  • Pain at night or when sitting for long periods


  • Trochanteric Bursitis
    • Excessive pressure on the hip due to an injury or poorly positioned joint
    • Inflammation or to the gluteus medius tendon which is a muscle in the outer buttock region
  • Both types
    • Osteoarthritis can irritate bursae as well as other conditions that strain the hip such as a scoliosis
    • Injury due to a fall
    • Overuse of the hip due to repetitive actions
    • A difference in leg length
    • History or hip surgery can also increase the risk

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